Welcome to Inquiry Journal.

Founded in 2022, Inquiry Journal is a blog whose mission is to help you as a fitness enthusiast in your fitness journey. Inquiry Journal is the right place for you if you’re looking for trusted fat burner supplement reviews, solutions for weight loss and better performance.

What We Do

Our website’s job is to review and inspect supplements, mainly fat burners. We’re looking for the most popular products on the market and we check if they’re as effective and good as the manufacturers claim. The most important thing we’re keeping our eye on are the ingredients and their doses, serving sizes, and potential side effects. We deeply analyze every particular ingredient to make sure it’s effective and safe for daily consumption.

A lot of information on online reviews is misleading, that is why we want to be a source you can trust. We’ve seen many issues in the supplement market that we feel need to be spoken about.

How do We Know if a Fat Burner is Legit?

The great thing about the ingredients in fat-burning supplements is that the majority of them are already well-researched. We rely on our 20-year experience in the supplement niche to investigate the ingredients.

We check every ingredient in the supplement’s formula to see how effective and safe (or harmful) it is. One of the most important things we look for is natural ingredients. If the supplement uses a lot of stimulants and if the ingredients are mostly not natural, we usually don’t recommend that product. Sometimes, we test some supplements for ourselves, and the trials usually last 1 month.

When it comes to serving sizes, we’ll let you know the dosage recommendations of each product and tell you if it contains enough servings for you.

What About Side Effects?

By analyzing every particular ingredient in-depth, we look at scientific data and research to see how safe they are for daily usage. The supplement must pass our safety criteria. If the product has any health risks at all, we’ll let you know.

Keep in Mind…

Inquiry Journal is currently in its early stages. It will take some time for us to grow this into a resource everyone will benefit from. We’re looking forward to informing as many of you with our content. Watch this space!

Where is Inquiry Journal Located?

Inquiry Journal’s headquarters are in Zagreb, Croatia. However, we are operating worldwide with the main focus on the U.S. nutraceutical market.