Garden of Life FucoThin

Garden of Life FucoThin Review


  • Contains Brown Seaweed Fucoxanthin which can slightly help aid weight loss
  • Stimulant-free
  • Safe to use in recommended doses


  • Overpriced at $47.19 per container
  • Lacks core ingredients for weight loss
  • Uses a proprietary blend
  • The effectiveness in terms of fat-burning is minimal

Garden of Life FucoThin Review at a Glance: Garden of Life FucoThin is a non-GMO, gluten-free dietary supplement containing 90 softgels per package. It’s also stimulant-free, so you don’t have to be worried about any caffeine side effects. The bad thing about this product is that it uses a proprietary blend, so the exact dosage of each ingredient in the formula is unknown. The ingredients Fucothin uses are not the best for losing pounds, and it also lacks core ingredients for weight loss such as green tea, cayenne pepper extract, vitamin D, or chromium, which would make it a far better supplement. When we consider all the negative sides, we think it’s a bit overpriced. If you’re serious about losing weight, we’d skip this product. There are far better and less expensive supplements for weight loss available on the market.

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About Garden of Life FucoThin

FucoThin is a dietary supplement made by Garden of Life, a manufacturer from the USA. It’s non-GMO, gluten-free and free of any artificial sweeteners or flavors and intended for usage by healthy adults only. There are 90 softgels per package of the product. What can Fucothin exactly help you with? These are the claims we’ve seen from the manufacturer:

  • Better weight management
  • Fat loss
  • Improves your sleep
  • Metabolism boost

Are these just marketing claims, or does FucoThin really work? There’s one way to find out. We’re going to analyze the ingredient formula for you to see how effective it really is. Let’s get into more details!

Garden of Life FucoThin Keto Ingredient Analysis

Garden of Life FucoThin Ingredients

Garden of Life FucoThin uses a proprietary blend, which is immediately a bad sign when it comes to the ingredient formula of the product. A proprietary blend means that you can’t see the exact dosage of each ingredient included in the formula. That could usually mean that the manufacturer is hiding something. For example, the dosage of some good ingredients could be as low as 1mg.

There is 200mg of a Xanthigen Proprietary Blend per serving, which consists of 2 ingredients: Brown Seaweed Fucoxanthin Concentrate and Pomegranate Seed Oil. Let’s see what these ingredients are good for!

Brown Seaweed Fucoxanthin Concentrate

Fucoxanthin is an antioxidant present in Brown Seaweed, as the name of this ingredient says. Some studies have shown potential health benefits of consuming Fucoxanthin such as:

  • Reduced risk of cancer, diabetes, and liver diseases
  • Better immune health
  • Improved blood sugar regulation

When it comes to weight loss, Fucoxanthin can help by reducing the accumulation of fat in your body and by boosting your metabolic rate. That way, your body will automatically burn more calories, resulting in fat loss. One study has shown that Brown Seaweed Fucoxanthin was quite effective with weight loss in obese women who consumed it regularly in higher doses for 16 days. More information on this study can be found here: (,for%2016%20days%20%5B25%5D.) Unfortunately, the exact dosage of this ingredient in Garden of Life Fucothin is unknown because of a proprietary blend, so we don’t think it will provide you with any substantial effects.

Pomegranate Seed Oil

Pomegranate Seed Oil is used for treating skin problems such as acne, can help boost your immunity, improve heart health, and reduce inflammation in your body. It isn’t the best ingredient for weight loss, however, when combined with brown seaweed in higher doses, it could slightly aid weight loss by acting on fat cells in your body. But, there is a lack of studies in humans to prove this.

The ingredients in Garden of Life FucoThin left us quite disappointed. It lacks a lot of core ingredients for fat loss and because it uses a proprietary blend, we wouldn’t bet on this product.

Our Commentary on Garden of Life FucoThin’s Formula

If you’re serious about burning fat, Garden of Life FucoThin might leave you disappointed, and so did us. It uses 200mg of a proprietary blend, which means that we can’t see the exact doses of these two ingredients in the formula. However, the dosage of the whole blend itself isn’t that promising, so we don’t think it will provide you with any substantial effects in burning extra fat. The formula lacks a lot of core ingredients that have been proven to work for weight loss, such as cayenne pepper extract, chromium, or green tea extract. The only good thing about the ingredient formula is that it’s stimulant-free, so there’s no reason to worry about any caffeine side effects such as jitters, or inability to sleep. If you want to lose pounds, we recommend searching for a different, more effective supplement available on the market.

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Side Effects

As for the side effects, Garden of Life FucoThin should be safe for you. If you follow the recommended dosage and if you’re overall a healthy person, you shouldn’t worry about any side effects. Fucoxanthin is proven to have no side effects. Pomegranate seed oil, on the other hand, can upset the stomach in some people, but that’s extremely rare and usually happens if the recommended doses are exceeded. However, always consult with your doctor before consuming this or any other supplement for the first time.

Instructions (How to Use)

The manufacturer recommends taking 1 Garden of Life FucoThin softgel three times daily, preferably before a meal with a glass of water. You may increase the daily dosage gradually to 3 softgels three times per day at most. Avoid this supplement if you have a condition or if you’re taking medication.

Customer Reviews

Out of more than 400 reviews on Amazon, Garden of Life Fucothin received mostly positive reviews. But, some of the users weren’t satisfied with the product’s effectiveness. Here’s what they said:

Took for a month, didn’t notice any change. – Pamela

Did not see a big drop in weight reduction, but have seen a reduction in back & belly fat along with a flatter belly. – Bobby

Product did not give me jitters; however I am ravenous when I take them. Appeared to intensify my hunger pains. – Mary

Pricing, Availability, and Other Things to Consider

Garden of Life Fucothin is currently unavailable on Amazon, but you can purchase it on the official Garden of Life website for the price of $47.19 per package. It’s also available in Walmart, more expensive for the price of $70.55. Considering that this supplement uses a proprietary blend and that it would last you for about a month if you follow the recommended dosage, we think it’s overpriced. We’ve seen way cheaper supplements available to buy that are far more effective in terms of fat-burning.


Garden of Life Fucothin hasn’t left us happy. It uses a proprietary blend, and the blend itself isn’t in a promising dosage, so the effectiveness of this product is minimal when it comes to weight loss. Fucothin lacks core ingredients and it’s way overpriced. We’ve seen so many cheaper alternatives that are far more effective in fat-burning than this one. If you’re serious about losing extra pounds, we recommend looking for a better supplement out there. This one won’t leave you delighted.

Appetite Control2/5
Ingredient Quality2/5
Fat Burning2/5
Garden of Life FucoThin: Ratings by Category

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