Nature's Way Glucomannan

Nature’s Way Glucomannan Review – Is It Worth It? (2022)


  • Contains glucomannan – one of the core ingredients for weight loss
  • Affordable at $17.99 for a jar with 100 capsules
  • Can make you feel fuller & provide some effects alongside a calorie-restricted diet


  • Lacks core ingredients
  • Glucomannan is the only ingredient included
  • One ingredient is not enough for substantial results

Nature’s Way Glucomannan Review at a Glance: Nature’s Way Glucomannan is a dietary supplement that is supposed to primarily help you with weight loss. It comes in packages of 100 capsules and 180 capsules. As the name says, it contains the main ingredient glucomannan that can work as a good appetite suppressant, and in the long run can help you slightly with your weight loss journey, alongside an established calorie-controlled diet. However, because there’s only one main active ingredient included in this product’s formula, we wouldn’t have high expectations with this supplement. More core ingredients for weight loss could have been put in that would make it far more effective. It’s a decent product, but far from the best on the market.

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About Nature’s Way Glucomannan

Nature’s Way Glucomannan is a dietary, non-GMO, vegetarian, dairy, and gluten-free supplement. It comes with 100 vegan capsules per container, enough for a monthly supply if the recommended dosage is followed. There is another version of Nature’s Way Glucomannan which contains 180 vcaps, but today we’re reviewing the one with 100 capsules included. This supplement is claimed to help you with:

  • Making you feel fuller
  • Suppressing appetite
  • Aiding weight loss
  • Reducing cholesterol levels
  • Controling blood sugar levels

So, this supplement should primarily help you with your weight loss journey. Can it really help you with that? There’s only one way to find out, let’s start with our review!

Nature’s Way Glucomannan Ingredient Analysis

Nature's Way Glucomannan Ingredients

Nature’s Way Glucomannan, as the name says, contains the main active ingredient glucomannan, a dietary fiber that comes from the konjac root, a vegetable that mostly grows in Asia. It can absorb water extraordinarily well. When it comes to losing pounds, the way it works is that it can make the person feel fuller. Several studies have been made on people with obesity, and have shown that glucomannan can moderately support weight loss in people when it’s regularly consumed before a meal. It works the best if you already have an established healthy, calorie-controlled diet.

Glucomannan can also help prevent constipation and reduce cholesterol levels. It can also be good for the skin when used topically and it can manage diabetes. People with diabetes are less likely to eat foods that are bad for them because of glucomannan and its effect to make them feel fuller.

Nature’s Way Glucomannan, however, lacks some core ingredients for weight loss that would make it far better.

Our Commentary on Nature’s Way Glucomannan’s Formula

Nature’s Way Premium Herbal Glucomannan is a decent product. Glucomannan, a fiber from konjac root can have some effects when it comes to losing pounds, alongside a healthy calorie-restricted diet and consistent usage. However, don’t have really high expectations, this product lacks some core ingredients for fat-burning which would make it far more effective. It would be silly to have high expectations when there’s only one ingredient included in the ingredient formula. It’s fine, but definitely not the best product we’ve seen on the market when it comes to weight loss.

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Side Effects

When it comes to side effects, Nature’s Way Glucomannan is generally safe. In some sensitive people, some side effects such as diarrhea, bloating, flatulence could occur, but these are extremely rare. Glucomannan can reduce the absorption of diabetes drugs. So, if you have a condition, or if you’re taking medication it would be best to consult with your doctor before using this supplement for the first time.

Instructions (How to Use)

The manufacturer recommends taking 3 capsules of Nature’s Way Glucomannan daily, with a glass of water, approximately 20 minutes before a meal for the best results.

Customer Reviews

We’ve checked what the customers said on the Amazon website. Most of the reviews were positive, but some people weren’t quite satisfied with the product’s effectiveness. Here are the comments they left:

Not effective. It doesn’t give a feeling of fullness and doesn’t control hunger
I work out and I didn’t see a diff in my appetite even after eating this. I wanted to cut my calorie intake by 10% but this didn’t help
. – Sakshi

It definitely worked. It kept full for most of the day. I lost about 15lbs within 3 weeks, with a strict diet that I was able to maintain with the Glucomannan pills. – Amazon Customer

Keeps me feeling full but haven’t noticed any big changes yet. – Ronda

Pricing, Availability, and Other Things to Consider

When it comes to this version with 100 capsules included, Nature’s Way Glucomannan is currently out of stock on Amazon and the official website, but you can buy it at Walgreens for the price of $17.99. There’s an alternative with 180 capsules included which is available in Walmart for the price of $29.85. There’s not much of a difference between these two. The only difference is the number of capsules and the one with 180 capsules comes with 20mg of calcium and 50mg of potassium per serving alongside the main ingredient glucomannan.


So, Nature’s Way Glucomannan might help you with weight loss if you use it consistently and if you have a strict, calorie-restricted diet. It can work as a good appetite suppressant, eventually leading to some results in the long run. However, the manufacturer could have put some other ingredients effective for weight loss that would make this product far better. We wouldn’t rely only on one ingredient included. Keep your expectations low. This product is fine, but it’s far from the best out there.

Appetite Control4/5
Ingredient Quality3/5
Fat Burning3/5
Nature’s Way Glucomannan: Ratings by Category

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